Usage guide


Autocompletes get automatically suggested as you code.
You can also manually (see Changing Hot Keys to change defaults) invoke a shorter completion with Ctrl + . or a longer completion (slow) with Ctrl + Space. Hit Tab to Accept the completion.
What completions look like
Do you strongly prefer there be other defaults? Please email [email protected] with your ideas.


Select Add documentation from the command palette
Diff view; you can accept changes piece meal or all at once
Pop up allows you to accept all changes or decline them all

AI Instruction

Directly instruct the AI.
Use the command palette and select MutableAI: Give a coding instruction.
Write your coding instruction and hit enter.
You will see the proposed changes in a diff view as shown above.
Note: For large files, it will edit the code around your cursor position, we're working on adding a highlighting feature in the future.

Refactoring (beta) (Python only)

Select "MutableAI: Refactor code" or "MutableAI: Get code suggestions" from the command palette.
Note: We are doing a major overhaul of this system to both greatly increase its power and support all languages.